Integrating access control and CCTV – reducing administration, increasing security

CCTV Surveillance Systems Access control and CCTV (video) surveillance systems have long been available as disparate systems but with the latest advancement in technology, they can be seamlessly integrated, bringing automation, reducing management overhead and making your premises more secure. Whether you want to retain existing analogue or network cameras, or need to replace your current equipment, AIT can design and supply bespoke solutions to meet each specific requirement.

Utilising the latest technologies and combining your security solutions will enable an abundance of new features including:

  • Management of all security solutions through one interface, including access control, CCTV and intruder alarms.
  • Automated alerts based on various events such as motion detection, out of hours access attempts, doors left/forced open
  • Access control or intruder alarm event triggering automated recording
  • Automatically disable intruder alarm when an authorised person enters the building, reducing false alarms
  • Tag video footage with associated access event
  • Remote access from web portals and mobile apps

Whatever your situation, AIT will be happy to help.