Protect your premises

A key element of any CCTV surveillance system (or Video surveillance system) is the software used to manage CCTV cameras.

This management software records and stores footage from the cameras as well as providing an interface to view live video or access stored footage when needed and aids the efficient and effective use of installed cameras.

Additional features can be added to further improve your building security including

  • Voice challenge and alert
  • Access control integration
  • Visitor management
  • Security and business analytics

By choosing an end to end solution, ready to record straight out of the box, you’ll be up and running in no time. Alternatively, you can opt to build your own system using VMS software with standard PCs and servers.

AIT can help you decide on the best fit for your organisation and work with you from specification to installation and handover.

Key Benefits

Improves Safety

Provides staff, students and visitors with peace of mind and improves building security


Acts as a deterrent to criminals and reduce your risk of being a target of theft and vandalism

Provides evidence

Gives easily accessible audit trials and high definition footage to aid prosecution

Improved analytics

Provides building and security data, ideal in retail/warehouse or manufacturing environments.


Assists in emergencies to monitor events or retrieve footage, also helps emergency services whilst on site

Key Features

Image quality

With HD cameras image quality doesn’t degrade over time and provides great clarity that aids identification

Easy to set up

End to end solution deploy ‘straight out of the box’ to be up and running quickly


More flexibility for storage options and ideal where footage needs to be stored for long periods


IP cameras adhere to open protocols which allows more choice of manufacturers cameras so you're not limited by camera manufacturer