Protect your premises

A key element of any video surveillance system is the software used to manage CCTV cameras. AIT are proud to work with Eagle Eye Networks cloud video management system. Designed for the security minded customer, giving the best flexibility in the range of supported cameras including digital or legacy analogue cameras.

cloud video surveillanceEagle Eye's video surveillance system is the designed to be virtually hacker proof and securely deploying Eagle Eyes appliances is simple because they are all designed as 'locked down' devices, have no open ports, accept no inbound communications and are pre-configured to automatically authenticate and connect to Eagle Eye VMS. You can find out more in Eagle Eye's white paper 'Cyber Security and Cloud Video Surveillance'

This management software records and stores footage from the cameras as well as providing an interface to view live video or access stored footage when needed and aids the efficient and effective use of installed cameras.

Additional features can be added to further improve your building security including

  • Voice challenge and alert
  • Access control integration
  • Security and business analytics

Watch Eagle Eye's video to learn more

Viewing Video

Key Benefits

Improves Safety

Provides staff, students and visitors with peace of mind and improves building security


Acts as a deterrent to criminals and reduce your risk of being a target of theft and vandalism

Provides evidence

Gives easily accessible audit trials and high definition footage to aid prosecution

Improved analytics

Provides building and security data, ideal in retail/warehouse or manufacturing environments.


Assists in emergencies to monitor events or retrieve footage, also helps emergency services whilst on site

Always available

Easily accessible via web or your mobile phone 24/7 - so no matter where you are you can manage your cameras, view footage and respond to incidents

Key Features

Easy to share footage

Simple to clip sections for sharing either via a URL or as a downloaded file.

Easy installation

End to end solution deploy ‘straight out of the box’ to be up and running quickly


Buffers video by encrypting and brings up to the cloud using reduced bandwidth.

Easy to manage multiple locations

Ideal where an organisation has multiple locations and people who monitor footage. System administrators can set granular access rights with two factor authenication for enhance security