If you require locks where a conventional electronic handle is not required then cylinder locks are an ideal solution.

AIT in partnership with SALTO can supply electronic cylinders as a standalone solution that reliably and cost effectively control access to your doors. Clyinder locks from SALTO

These cylinder locks are fast and simple to install and can replace existing key based manual cylinders without replacing the entire lock.


Key Benefits

Simple installation

Simple offline installation is possible on any type of door, including those with narrow frames

Secure encryption

All communications between the carrier and the electronic cylinder are encrypted and secured

High quality materials

High security via high resistance, hardened anti-drill protection. Concealed fixing screws for greater security and improved aesthetics

Varied selection of CAM & Cylinders

Choice of different cam and cylinder profiles: Euro profile and UK oval, Mortise cylinders, Australian oval profile, RIM cylinders

Key Features

NFC compatible

SALTO GEO Electronic cylinder contactless range is compatible with NFC technology

User on card audit trailing

Card audit trailing capability via the SALTO Virtual Network (SVN). Contactless versions compatible with ISO 14.443A and ISO 14.443B

Low battery power indicator

Low battery power indication monitored through the SALTO Virtual Network (SVN) as low battery status information is written on to carriers

High quality finishes

Different finishes are available and include satin chrome, polished chrome, polished brass and satin brass