If standalone locks cannot be fitted then installing wall readers is an ideal solution.

If you need to expand your access control system but you can’t have standalone locks fitted to your doors then installing SALTO wall readers in combination with SALTO door controllers can enable your access control system to grow whilst the benefits of a managed access control system are maintained.

SALTO XS4 Wall ReaderStandalone wall readers are ideal for access situations where a standalone lock cannot be fitted, it is ideal for situations such as barriers, lifts & mechanical doors.

Wall Readers - How they work

Wall readers transmit and read encrypted data contained on a users proximity card, this data is sent to a door controller system where access is granted/denied based upon their restrictions.

Our range of SALTO wall readers can operate outdoors and using the SALTO Virtual Network can be used online or offline. The wall readers themselves are compatible with the most popular proximity card solutions including MiFARE Legic, HID iCLASS and many more.

Key Benefits

Simple to use

Wall readers are a simple technology to use, simply scan and enter any room you have access to

Highly compatible

Wall readers are compatible with i-Button, DESfire, DESfire EV1, Mifare, Legic & HID iCLASS

Various install options

Can be flush or surface mounted depending on the base. Available in a narrow profile version for special doors

Secure system

All communications between the wall reader and the carrier are encrypted and secure

Key Features

NFC compatible

SALTO 9000 contactless range is compatible with NFC technology which allows NFC enabled phones to act as contactless data carriers

Audit trail capability

User on card audit trailing capability for audit trailing via the SALTO Virtual Network

Offline or Online

Offline or online capability is possible depending on the door controller connected

Locking indicator

Red and green coloured LED to indicate lock authorisation. Blue coloured LED to indicate carrier updating