JustIN smartphone access control solution from SALTO

Using the latest technology the JustIN mobile solution allows smartphones to be integrated into your access control solution. The JustIN mobile key uses the phones BLE (Bluetooth low energy) to allow doors to be opened by a smartphone. Combined with the JustIN mSVN (mobile SALTO virtual network) and the phones NFC (near field communication), the smartphone also turns into an update terminal for credentials.SALTO JustIN Smartphone access control

JustIN mobile key

JustIN mobile keys uses BLE to communicate between the smartphone and electronic locks. The mobile key is sent 'over the air' (OTA) via the SPACE management software to the JustIN mobile key app on a registered/verified smartphone. The users will receive a message telling him he has a new key and which doors this will allow him to access. The user now only needs to present his phone to the relevant locks to gain access. Data transmissions and the mobile key are encrypted and secured against cloning. As keys are sent OTA users can receive keys anytime and anywhere. The mobile key can be used alongside or replace RFID credentials.

JustIn mobile SALTO virtual network (mSVN) 

The JustIn mSVN has been developed by SALTO to enable access credentials to be updated via direct communication with the smartphone using the NFC interface. This allows for direct, real-time information to be passed between the mobile phone and the management software. User rights can be amended, enabled or blocked and all without the user/smartphone having to pass a wired update point. The NFC smartphone serves as the update point just as an online reader usually does. All data transfer is encrypted and secured using MiFARE DESfire EV1 technology.  This offers greater flexibility whilst retaining security.

Key Benefits

Improved end user experience

End users decide how to receive a key, either as a JustIN mobile key or as a physical credential such as an ID Card. Mobile keys increase flexibility so users can receive keys online anywhere/anytime.


Encrypted data transfer between phone and lock ensures secure authentication. The system uses anti-cloning technology for extra protection. Communication is via AES 128 bit and SSL means the opening procedure with the key is securely encrypted.

Improved facility management

Minimises the expense of lost keys along with the hassle and waste of time this entails. User interactions are improved to provide value-added services that extend beyond processing and issuing keys

Real-Time updates

Credentials automatically update in real-time allowing dynamic access control policies to be put in place, such as daily re-validation for high security areas whereby a new key can be issued every day or every shift.

Key Features

Multi-key management

JustIn offers the option to manage different office and hotel keys in the same app.

Telemetry functions

From within the app you can access directions to your location, direct call or SMS to your hotel or office

Multiple uses

JustIN can be used to issue hotel keys, gain access to main building entrances, lifts, car park barriers or meeting rooms

Remote workforce

Ideal for those organisations who a remote workforce where time limited or temporary access rights are needed.