Enjoy the features of an online access control system for a fraction of the cost.

Using the SALTO Virtual Network you can enjoy many of the great features an online access control system can deliver but without it costing the earth.

The SALTO Virtual Network enables users to get “instructions” for the other doors on the network. So if a user has lost their card then a central hub will relay this information to a users RFID card and this will disallow this card from accessing any other doors.

The doors themselves can transmit information to the user’s cards, so a door with low power can transmit that information and once a user passes a main hub this information will then be relayed to the central system and someone can replace the batteries of that door.

As it’s an offline system there is a lot less infrastructure work involved in getting this type of set-up installed, making it a much more cost effective solution with no loss of features.

Key Benefits

Good value

Using this type of system is more economical than installing a fully online system

Highly secure

It is as secure as a normal access control system and provides the same level of protection for users and equipment

Easy to install

An offline system using the SVN is a simpler system to install than an online system

Simple to manage

Implement convenient hotspots and have users update locks with their ID cards, have locks transmit information to be sent back to door hotspots

Key Features

Quick delete functionality

With the SVN you have the ability to add or delete access privileges at will

Centrally validate key cards

SVN gives you the ability to validate the expiry date of key cards on any online wall reader

Add additional security measures

Add extra security through additional authenticated validation procedures including pin codes and biometrics

Continual lock monitoring

Lock specific battery data is registered on any card using the lock and transferred back to the PC control software