Keyless, wire-free buildings are now a reality

Using the SALTO Virtual Network you can enjoy many of the great features an online access control system can deliver but without it costing the earth. SVN-Flex takes that one step further, by allowing any stand-alone electronic lock to read and update card access information.

This means you can expand the number of updating points without it costing the earth. Your security is improved and with real-time data flows between devices the system is easy to manage and managers enjoy better control.

The doors themselves can transmit information to the user’s cards, so a door with low power can transmit that information and once a user passes a main hub this information will then be relayed to the central system and someone can replace the batteries of that door.

Now that any door can be an updating point you have much more flexibility to organise your buildings security, any high traffic door can be one that updates credentials and with any door as an updating point, all system information, even offline doors, is refreshed much more frequently.

Key Benefits


Any door can be used as an updating point giving you more freedom to secure your building to suit your exact requirements


Credentials are refreshed more frequently, the whole system is managed from your desk with a few clicks of you mouse


User credentials are authorised in real-time from any access point so information is distributed rapidly including cancelling lost cards, updated blacklist information and much more

Easily maintained

Wire-free technology that is backwards compatible and integrated into an existing SVN network by replacing existing lock and fitting a new SVN-Flex option. You can simply check battery status as well as user event information in just a few clicks

Key Features

Quick delete functionality

With the SVN-Flex you have the ability to add or delete access privileges at will

User key transmits to the system

Information such as users access, battery status, deleted card list and user access rights

Add additional security measures

Add extra security through additional authenticated validation procedures including pin codes and biometrics

Powerful management software

SALTO ProAccess SPACE allows you to add/delete users remotely, update user profiles or see a dynamic event audit trail.