System Integration for Access Control - Easy integration of different systems

The key advantage of the AIT access control solution is the ease with which we can integrate with your other systems..

Our technical specialists can provide a full consultancy and implementation service so your other systems will be able to be linked to the access control solution. We can integrate with Active Directory to make user creation as quick as creating a network ID, and access rights can be dictated by a user's OU or Security Group membership. We can also work with an existing MIS (such as SIMS) or other relational databases to provide seamless and automated integration. Other systems that can be integrated include card production or membership databases.

Integrating with other security systems

There are three simple ways this can be achieved depending on your business needs.

SHIP - SALTO Host Interface Protocol (SHIP) allows SALTO hardware to be managed by a 3rd party access control provider and covers SALTO offline and wireless locking devices

SALLIS - SALLIS technology enables you to link your access control system to the SALTO SALLIS wireless platform through your company's access control panel, providing access control to virtually any kind of door without the need for complex or expensive wiring.

Enterprise: SALTO's Enterprise allows 3rd party access control systems, CCTV, intrusion detection, fire alarms and more to be managed via the SALTO Enterprise interface.

Our technical expertise in relational databases as well as access control provides you with a truly integrated access control system that fully meets your business needs.

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Access Control Database Integration

What our customers say

  • The benefits have been quick to see. With the use of new technologies the college has been able to extend the system to include more doors and whilst AIT didn’t present the cheapest option they did offer the best value due to the ability to extend the solution to meet the other needs. Working with one supplier has saved time and the need to coordinate various companies.
    Roger Laurenti, Wyggeston & Queen Elizabeth 1 College

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