Safeguard your students with the right access control solution

It is more important than ever before that schools, colleges and universities take into account the importance of protecting their students, staff and assets. No longer can education environments afford to stick to the traditional lock and key mechanism.

Use AIT to receive the best access control for schools and universities. Protect your students and staff to the highest standards. Our access control for education solution provides you with a full date and time stamped audit trail to show where each individual has been within the building. The solution allows you to restrict access to gyms, libraries and any other areas that do not need to be accessed at all times or allow access at specific times of the day only. Our access control solution also provides locks specifically designed for use in an emergency situation, so buildings, classrooms etc and be quickly locked down and keep students and staff safe until the emergency has passed or the emergency services arrive.

Main doors can be programmed to be open at certain times of the day and then locked down when they are not in use, so only those with permission can gain access and access is denied to anyone who is not authorised to be in the building. Access control can be integrated to any databases you may have meaning ID cards can be used for a number of purposes such as collecting print documents, booking class rooms or even paying for lunch.

What our customers say

  • AIT understood what the college was trying to achieve and offered a practical and cost effective solution to deliver this. We now have a robust base which we can extend to include other services such as cashless payments
    Phil Mordecai, IT Officer, Anglo-European College of Chiropractic
  • The benefits have been quick to see. With the use of new technologies the college has been able to extend the system to include more doors and whilst AIT didn’t present the cheapest option they did offer the best value due to the ability to extend the solution to meet the other needs. Working with one supplier has saved time and the need to coordinate various companies.
    Roger Laurenti, Wyggeston & Queen Elizabeth 1 College