Know who is entering and when

For financial and corporate organisations it is a challenge to be able to understand who is entering the organisation and when. No longer can corporate organisations afford to not monitor who has access to their buildings, especially where private and financial information is concerned.

AIT has the access control solution to protect your staff and sensitive information to the best standard. Our access control solution provides you with a full date and time stamped audit trail to show where each individual has been within the building.

We can programme our access control solution to integrate with any databases you may have, meaning you can allows users/employees to be able to book certain conference rooms using their ID card with an online booking system. We can also integrate with fire alarms, so that if the fire alarm sounds, all doors are automatically opened, to ensure the highest level of safety and ease of escape for your staff. The system can also integrate with your CCTV system, ensuring that we can easily capture false entry to your organisation.

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