Protect your staff to the highest standard...

Access control in a professional organisation is now more important than ever before, ensure your organisations staff, sensitive documentation and expensive assets are protected to the highest standard.

Our access control solution can be integrated with 3rd party databases, we provide a bespoke service to integrate with almost anything, from your CCTV system, to lifts, turnstiles and even car park barriers. The solution provides a full date and time stamped audit trail to show where each individual has been within the building – this is also great for HR purposes for monitoring attendance and punctuality.

In addition to the above features, our access control solution allows you to have a variety of online and offline doors so your main doors can be online and internal doors can be offline. You will not have to incur the expense of having all doors online, which includes running network points and fused spurs. This will help your organisation to save money and allows us to provide you with a solution that can be tailored to your organisations exact needs.

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