Security comes first

Whether you’re a hospital or a government department, security must always be at the forefront of your thinking. Protect patient/customer private and confidential information, secure access to rooms that are not for public use and monitor who is entering the building and when.

Whatever part of the public sector you are part of, an access control system will improve efficiency in your workplace and the safety and security of employees/patients.

With our access control solution you can limit where employees are able to enter, issue guest passes to contractors so they may only enter into certain places in your organisation, meaning you have total control over who, when and where they can access. We can also set these rights to expire after the job has been completed so if they walk off with the card it’s not a problem. This is invaluable from a security and privacy perspective.

We can also integrate with fire alarms, so that if the fire alarm is triggered, all doors are automatically opened, to ensure the highest level of safety and ease of escape for your staff/patients. The system can also integrate with your CCTV system, ensuring that we can easily capture false entry to your organisation.

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