Access control – more than just door furniture

Friday, 27th April, 2018

When you’re starting to think about using a door access control solution your first thoughts may turn to the door handles and the aesthetics around these, will they suit your building style, what colours and finishes they come in or maybe whether you should go for a stylish key pad rather than a door knob.

Of course all of this is important but in our experience you’ll get a better solution if your first thoughts are around what you need the system to achieve to suit your particular security requirements.

Doors, car parks and perimeters

Think about how many doors you need to secure and why, do you need to control access to your car park or secure your perimeter as well? What about your server room? Or areas where sensitive work or information is stored?

Building flows

Do you want to control your building flows at peak times? In a busy office environment, you might want some main doors to auto unlock at certain times of the day such as the end of the day to facilitate an easy exit for your staff.

Out of hours

What about out of hours? Do you need to allow access to cleaners or what if you hold evening events or rent your facility out to external users? Your access control solution can control and restrict where these visitors go or limit the time they can be in your building, as well as provide you with an audit trail of who entered, at what time and where they went.

In a fire emergency

What about in the event of fire? No doubt you’ll want all your doors to default to open if your fire alarm sounds. You’ll want to know you have an accurate roll call available for the emergency services – with SALTO’s web based management software this will be available via any web-connected device once you’re safely out to the building.

My building's listed

If your premises are a listed building or an uber-modern block with lots of glass you need to think about can you run lots of network cables or not. Here you might need to use a wireless solution or go for a Keys as a Service cloud based system, doing away with the need for any network cables.

Prevent the spread of germs

For some industries or in NHS or education you may need to think more about hygiene so using a Bio-Cote anti-bacterial coating to prevent the spread of germs would make sense – you can find out more about this here.

Save energy

If you have rooms or offices that are not in use all the time or want to save more energy you can think about using Energy Saving Devices as a part of your access control solution – you can find out more about this here

As you can see there is lots to think about and once you’re clear in your own mind what you need your access control solution to deliver then you can start deciding on your door furniture!

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