Cloud, a vendor neutral solution

Friday, 18th May, 2018

Cloud print management, the no nonsense move 

People have talked about the paperless office for some time now but the reality is that when it comes down to it most of us still like to have that physical piece of paper in our hands.  So these days how can you make the most of your print solution and maximise budget?

It’s highly likely that around 30% (or more) of your organisation’s IT support calls are print issues.  Add to that the possibility of print related security breaches and GDPR and it’s easy to see why print management is such a hot topic right now.

We all know about the cloud and use it on a daily basis to check out emails or even our bank accounts on the go, but did you realise that moving your printing to the cloud is just as easy? 

Why move?

Our cloud print management solution means you can manage your whole print environment centrally even if you have more than one location and you’ll be able to manage users, deploy devices and enforce print rules to save you money – all from one portal.

The unique patented one driver technology means there’s no longer any need to install multiple print drivers for your printers so your staff can print to any printer from any device.

And because our solution is manufacturer agnostic, your IT manager will have much greater control over costs too as he/she can purchase the devices that are either the most cost effective or that best suit the needs of your business.  Plus fewer print drivers being managed means fewer support cases for your Help Desk team to deal with.

This truly vendor neutral solution has all the advantages you’d expect, giving you the option to change printers if you decide your current fleet is no longer cost effective or doesn’t suit your business needs.

With a lower total cost of ownership and a per device subscription moving to the cloud is fast, easy and independent.

To find out more head to our website here or download our product flyer here.  Alternatively call one of our solutions experts on 0113 273 0300 or email for more information.