Creating a seamless visitor experience

Friday, 8th June, 2018

How you welcome your visitors can have a direct impact on your brand 

Read what our Solutions Consultant Louisa Inman has to say about visitor management

In today’s world companies, services and products live and die at the hands of social media, so good first impressions are something that we all strive to achieve on a daily basis.  Having that edge or delivering that little bit of extra service is what can make the difference between winning over someone’s views of your company and the service you can provide for them or losing their custom.

Having a smiling receptionist available to greet every visitor who comes to your door is a luxury that unfortunately we are not all able to realise these days.  Our receptionists are busy people often having to wear many different hats, managing your visitors is just one of a long list of jobs they need to master.  Some offices may have an unmanned reception, which means that an empty room and a sad, lonesome phone with a list of instructions pinned to the wall is your visitors first impression – not great but unfortunately sometimes unavoidable.  Or so you thought…

Making the right first impression

Here at AIT, we want to ensure that every visitor has a great first impression and enabling the receptionist or the company entry point achieve this is top of our priority list.

We want to help remove the queue of people waiting to sign in, shuffling through note pads or scanning smartphones trying to tell you who they have come to meet.  How easy would it be for the visitor to simply enter their name into a tablet on the reception desk and follow the steps to identify who they are here to see?  They can then sit back, catch their breath and wait for the staff member to come to reception and meet them.

Visitors can simply and easily be pre-registered by staff members, so all the information is in the system before the visitor arrives at your facility.  Parking can be pre-booked, important safety information and disclosure agreements can be displayed along with confirmation of appropriate clothing (such as PPE) that may need to be worn.  The visitor will be prompted to read these prior to completing the signing in process.

Our visitor management system can do all of this for you and more.  From taking your visitor’s name to alerting the person they are here to meet – it can even take the person’s picture and produce a badge – all self-service and easy to use.  In addition, in the unlikely event of a fire or other emergency evacuation, you have a list of visitors’ names to hand, easily accessible and ready to go.

It’s a simple process that gives a great first impression of you, your company and beyond.

We can’t always be available to greet people at the door personally but we can show people that they are expected and that we have made plans for their visit. 

If you’d like to find out more about how AIT and CardExchange™ Visitor can help create the right first impression for your company please click here or watch CardExchange’s video here.

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