How visitor management can help in an emergency situation

Tuesday, 17th April, 2018

The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 and the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 tells us that we need to have proper measures in place for emergency situations at work and we all want to make sure our staff and visitors are safe while they are on our premises. 

None of us really like to think about it but emergencies happen.  Fire, crime, terror alerts and even extreme weather are all real risk factors these days and will inevitably form part of your emergency evacuation plan.  Not only is a well thought out procedure essential, it can also help to minimise any effect an incident may have on your business operations and I’m sure you’ll have practiced, revised and practiced your plans time and again.  Your staff will most likely be well rehearsed and should have the necessary documentation to hand including an up to date floor plan, exit routes, responsibilities, etc.  But what about your visitors?

So how can an effective visitor management solution help you?

Visitor management isn’t just about how you welcome your visitors, it’s also about doing everything you can to ensure they are safe in an emergency.  Making sure everyone is evacuated from your building and quickly accounted for is key and this is often the biggest challenge especially if you have a regular stream of visitors. 

In order to keep people safe in an emergency, you’ll need to know where they should be and then be able to quickly verify their safety, so before evacuating, your facilities manager, incident controller or fire marshal needs to know how many visitors, contractors and external staff are in the building and who are they visiting or who is hosting them.  Should anyone be missing they’ll then be able to give first responders critical information about who hasn't been accounted for and where they might be before they put their own lives at risk.

Emergency roll-call processEvacuationReport

A visitor management system will help streamline this process. At the touch of a button your incident controller or nominated person can access, print or email a log of visitors including details of who is hosting them, where and what parts of the building they have access to.  This report can include an ID photo of your visitor which will help simplify identification at the designated assembly point.

CardExchange™ Visitor

CardExchange™ Visitor has been developed to manage all your visitor management needs including emergency evacuation.  If you’d like to find out more please click here  or watch the CardExchange video here.  Alternatively why not call one of our experts on 0113 273 0300 or email