Time is money – attendance and engagement monitoring can save you money

Friday, 6th April, 2018

Universities and colleges are facing many pressures, from dropping student enrolment, increased student expectations (yes you are being encouraged to treat them as customers), uncertainties around BREXIT and the impact on European student numbers and on top of this the Teaching Excellence framework now has retention as a metric – it’s a tough old time.

And once you’ve got a student signed up all is not plain sailing, latest figures from HESA show the UK university dropout rate for young students during their first year rising for a third year in a row to 6.4%, so it has never been more important to monitor and address your student retention.

A low or dropping attendance rate is often the first indication that something may be wrong or there is lack of engagement. Given that students pay your organisation anything up to £9,250 per year (and oversees students pay even more).  Their average weekly food bill is £50 and books and equipment will cost an average of £15 per week.  That means if a student drops out after their first year of a three year course you have a potential loss of over £25,000 per student. 

With all this in mind, I think we can agree that you need to be taking a very proactive approach to attendance and engagement! There are many elements that will go into your retention and engagement strategies and policies not least your student attendance monitoring (SAM) solution.

How can attendance and engagement monitoring save you money besides the obvious losses from retention issues?

With an effective and powerful attendance and monitoring solution you can streamline your curriculum planning, timetabling and schedule management.  Automated attendance and engagement monitoring eliminates most of the manual processes, eliminates duplicate data entry and errors in recording attendance, reducing staff workload and so saving both time and money.  With this mobile/cloud based system you can have real time and easy tracking of attendance, letting you coordinate and manage your students’ welfare and improve retention. 

But remember, as with most software solutions, how they are rolled out to your students and staff will be the real key to their success – if a student doesn’t know they need to use their student ID card to tap into a lecturer theatre or they need to check and respond quickly to emails about attendance, and if your lecturers assume the SAM will pick up when assignments are not handed in and contact the student (and you don’t), then even the best system in the world is not going to deliver the results you expect.

So with careful planning, your university or college will be able to take full advantage of all the benefits a student attendance monitoring system can deliver to your organisation but more importantly to your students – can you really not afford to do this properly?

AIT offer a cloud based attendance and engagement solution which is a powerful cloud based system that brings together, under one portal, attendance recording, curriculum planning, timetabling and schedule management, making data and insights easy to manage and achieve.

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