Why June is the best time to invest in attendance and engagement

Tuesday, 8th May, 2018

With Brexit less than one year away times are more uncertain than ever for universities that have a high number of EU and overseas students and Universities UK has stated that a steep decline in EU student enrolment is a real possibility.  On top of this, the introduction of the Teaching Excellence Frameworks’ awards means universities are going to have to work even harder to attract students from both home and abroad.   

The OfS, along with UCAS, has also just announced an investigation into the rise of unconditional offers, jumping from 2,985 in 2013-14 to 51,615 in 2016-16.  It’s a tough time for universities. 

We all know that the dropout rate has risen for the third year in a row.  Students are demanding a complete experience so engagement and satisfaction are going to be more important than ever if you’re to keep your dropout rate as low as possible.  Let’s face it, if a student drops out after year one of a three year course, that’s a potential loss of £25,000 per student – not something to be sneezed at.

Be ready for the next intake

With an effective monitoring tool you can be sure of doing your utmost to retain those precious students.  With the next intake round the corner now is the perfect time to be looking at investing in an attendance and engagement solution that will help you make the most of both your time and budget. 

Our solution can be integrated with 3rd party applications to streamline timetabling, schedule management and curriculum planning so you’ll quickly be able to reduce administration and therefore staff workload. 

Monitor attendance and engagement

Students can use their ID cards or even their smartphones to register their attendance at a lecture theatre or classroom so lecturers can get on with the business of teaching rather that the lengthy process of taking a manual register.  You’ll also need to know quickly if there have been missed lectures or they are not handing in coursework or assignments on time, all of which can be monitored.   This solution also meets UKVI Tier4 criteria for overseas students.

Early intervention is key and participation in all aspects of campus life is a sure fire indication of a student’s wellbeing.  AIT’s software will work seamlessly with other systems such as your door access and security systems across your campus to give you a full picture of students’ engagement.  With this information to hand your staff can quickly and easily start a dialogue or offer support to students in danger of becoming disillusioned with university life for whatever reason.

AIT’s powerful attendance and engagement solution is cloud based and easy to use.  It automatically tracks and records movement, giving you real time data so that you can analyse and understand how your students are engaged in campus life, putting you and your team in the driving seat to help retain your students and improve your dropout statistics.

For more information visit our website here, download a datasheet here or contact one of our experts on 0113 2730300.