Pcounter for Windows SQL - Vn 3.02c

Pcounter for Windows SQL is now available on request - If you have Pcounter installed with other modules you will need to contact our support team to check version compatibility. To do this please email support@ait.co.uk

What's new in Pcounter 3.02c

Epson page count fix.
Xerox PostScript paper size counting fix.
Xerox AltaLink and VersaLink SNMP page count fix.
Account.exe - Fixed problem where comment would not be logged on group transactions.
PAdmin fixed reporting problem with missing or duplicate data.
PAdmin - Loads Pcounter Users much faster.
PAdmin - Comments now properly shown in accounting reports.
DBUpdate3 - Fixed problem importing free quotas on Pcounter Users.
DBUpdate3 - Fixed problem importing ID numbers where ID numbers would go into ID #2.

What's new in Pcounter 3.02a

Pcounter comes with a 60 day trial period.
Fixed problem displaying generic LDAP users with limits.
PWA - Fixed problem searching outside the root directory when defined for users.
Canon plotter page count fix.
PCL6 page count fix.
Fixed problem where XPS driver spooled jobs might not super-pause and advance count.
PAdmin - Fixed problem in reports where balance/cost excel as text
Fixed DBUpdate3 problem importing job costs if Numerical Format is Pages instead of Currency.
size_bytes column changed to bigint to acommodate larger job byte size values in jobs.

What's new in Pcounter 3.02

PAdmin - Added support for automated reports via email.
PAdmin/Account.exe - Added option to rename domain users in the database if they have been renamed in the domain.
Webclient - Fixed problem where jobs would not display.
PPopup/PcounterClients - Fixed problem displaying replaceable values (pages, cost, balance, etc.).
PAdmin - Fixed crash in ID/PIN view when showing the database.
Wbalance/Balance.exe - fixed problem with decimal point displays.
DBupdate3 - Fixed problem importing balances properly when numerical format is pages.
General database performance improvements.