Pcounter Web Report - Vn 3.4.0

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Pcounter Web Reports – Change History


[+ Added feature]
[* Improved/changed feature]
[- Bug fixed]
[@ Depreciated Feature] [2014-11-30]
[-] Increased width of Client\Subcode field storage
[-] Updated latest Firebird Embedded to resolve Win 2012 R2 crash issues
[+] Add option to connect with remote Pcounter servers via URL interface
[+] Included latest Pcounter PRO DLL [2014-03-31]

[+] Added Data Merge Feature. See documentation for details
[+] Added ability to select display columns on user portal
[+] Added display of cost for period in user portal
[+] Added new security profiles for view only access to reports
[+] Added WIndows 2012 support
[+] Added %A3 Pages and %Duplex Jobs metrics
[-] Fixed display of rejected jobs in user portal [2013-02-18]

[-] Fixed problem where CRC Check locked Pcounter log file
[-] Fixed problem with reporting link in Admin portal
[+] Added time based dimensions down to hour level
[+] Added ability to specify Min and Max length of PIN in user portal
[+] Added ability to specify Min and Max length of ID Number in User portal
[+] Added ability to check if an ID number is already in use in User portal
[*] Improved error message position in User Portal [2012-09-03]
[-] Fixed problem where 3.2 build was missing metric updates
[+] Added Scan Options settings file to configure log scanner to extract simple user name from FQDN User names
[*] Improved upgrade procedure from PWR 3.0.x versions
[*] Changed PWR user password width to 50 chars [2012-08-16]
[+] Added support for additional Page Price and Print Price calculations on print and copy jobs BETA 1 [2012-06-29]
[-] Fixed problem with dot in AD user names
[-] Fixed problem with schedule summary text on Report landing page
[-] Fixed problem with Excel export using dollar signs
[-] Fixed problem with Scheduled export to disk if export file already exists
[@] Removed dependency on FireBird Server. The default Firebird Server instance is no longer required
[+] Added Firebird 2.5 Embedded database engine
[*] Date based Dimension values now display in chronological order in report groups
[*] Improved log scanning performance
[*] Added option to preserve last months data on system archive
[*] Added ability to set PIN only in User portal (User must have ID number already assigned)

[*] Device names now recorded for deposits if Device Gateway uses latest PRO DLL deposit recording method

[*] Included latest Pcounter PRO DLLs [2012-01-23]

[-] Fixed security bug in User and Admin portals
[-] Fixed problem refunding jobs in pages mode in Admin portal
[-] Fixed problem in currency decimals display in User and Admin portal
[-] Fixed problem displaying balances in pages mode in User portal
[+] Added Additional Metrics for A4\A3 Color\BW for print and copy jobs only
[+] Added NoDomain.txt file for adding user domain name when not present in Reject.log [2011-12-07]
[-] Updated metrics to correctly read BW\Colour page counts
[-] Security issue resolved with Web Server component
[-] Fixed issue with Today view on user portal
[-] Removed duplicate entry in schedule types list
[*] Increased size of reports list on main report view
[+] Added sample reports
[*] Updated Log scanner to filter out unknown job types
[+] Added Additional Metrics for A4\A3 Color\BW Simplex\Duplex for print and copy jobs only BETA 2 [2011-11-02]
[+] Added Additional Metrics for A4\A3 Color\BW Simplex\Duplex BETA [2011-10-12]
[+] Added PWR3 Data Merge for device serial numbers
[+] Added Column totals in reports
[+] Added ability to Import logs from multiple locations
[+] Added Scheduled report save to disk option
[+] Added Link from admin portal
[+] Added Refund from PWR Admin portal when using Payex
[+] Added Default search on Admin portal
[+] Added Display username on user portal screen
[+] Added 'Number of Copies' and 'Number of items' metrics
[+] Added exact match setting to Admin Portal Search
[+] Added Refund (Date Time) to deposit comment in Admin Portal
[+] Added additional columns for CSV exports
[+] Added ability to import and export report files
[+] Added utility to create Self Signed SSL certificate for testing
[*] Modify short cut link to use SSL connection if SSL selected
[*] Improved filter options in report generator Altman Technologies Ltd
[-] Restored security management screen from 2.x
[-] Fixed Truncation of DIM labels on reports
[-] Fixed issue whwn Number of results dropdown list is removed
[-] Fixed issue with German umlauts not displayed on exported reports
[-] Fixed issue with Print Button in Web Report viewer opens empty report
[-] Fixed Issue with Dashboard Totals
[-] Fixed Web server Crash on service restart
[-] Fixed PIN feature not removable from user portal
[-] Fixed pages formatted as currency in Portals
[-] Fixed Issue with calculation on green reports
[-] Fixed Color flag modification
[-] Fixed minor Translation errors
[-] Fixed System reset cancel error
[-] Fixed issue adding more than 1 admin user
[-] Fixed FQ refund in Admin portal
[-] Fixed issues with Netware log scanning HOTFIX RELEASE [2011-05-05]
[-] Fixed problem with user security roles not applied
[-] Fixed problem with incorrect French numeric separator character

3.0.0 RELEASE [2011-04-16]
Known Issues in this version:
A known issue exists where under severe load, the PWR3 Web service will terminate
This is rare and a fix is in progress. If this occurs, set service recovery on the PWR3 Web
service in Windows services.
[+] Added French and German translation updates
[*] Added progress indicator to report preview
[*] Added perfomance warning to Log Scan
[-] Fixed problem with CardID association
[-] Fixed problem with Today search in User Portal
[-] Fixed problem with Log Scan running twice
[-] Fixed deposit column header error on Admin Portal
[-] Fixed problem with Pcounter authentication on Logon
[-] Fixed problem with export on data view showing only 1 page
[-] Fixed issues on reporting rejected jobs
[-] Fixed Archiving list refresh after system archive completes
[+] Added A3 Metrics
[+] Added Disbursement Metrics
[+] Added Job Category dimension
[-] Additional Validation added to Report edit screen
[-] Updated Green reports to use new report engine
[-] Included MS Chart assemblies
[-] Fixed problem with schedule being reset on cancel
[-] Fixed problem with static lookup tables not being transferred after system archive
[-] Modified scheduler to run job once only if the last run date is older than the interval
[-] Latest Fixes complete
[-] Improved reporting performance
[-] Fixed installer issues with ASP.NET
[*] Added XLS export feature
[*] Added detailed feedback to Log Scanner
[@] Device Alerts Feature depreciated from version 2.2.6