A powerful attendance and engagement monitoring solution

A cloud based attendance monitoring solution, which offers a powerful, yet easy to use system for monitoring attendance and engagement. Ideal for further and higher education organisations, this simple to install system offers a recording attendance and absence management tool to drive and improve student retention. It brings with it efficient and effective administration offering SQL reporting that is presented in a grid format. These reports can be further drilled down into to provide actionable insights to inform strategic planning.

The solution also offers curriculum planning, timetabling and schedule management tools or can be integrated in to a wide range of 3rd party applications.

There are options to use the latest technology which allows students to record attendance via iBeacons or mobile phone apps.

There is an entry level (non-cloud) option available as well, XPR Attendance, this provides user the ability to record ID card number, date/time and location of reader into the systems SQL database. This can either be interrogated to produce student attendance records or configured to pass this information to a host of other student management system.

XPR Attendance is designed to work with a wide range of readers/scanner and collate data, both fixed and remote with memory cache features to provide resilience.

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Attendance and Engagement Recording

Key Benefits

Improves engagement/attendance

A key tool in your student retention strategy, helping to improve graduation rates by reducing drop outs and the associated loss of tuition fees and other student revenue streams

Low carbon footprint

As a cloud solution there is no server hardware required. As a cloud product power and energy are used as required by the application so can be turn up and down to suit needs.

Easy to integrate

The solution is designed to offer real time integration into existing systems. This can be done is a variety of ways including using an API or via controlled csv file imports.

Reduces administrator workload

Moving from paper based registers to an automated system allows registers to be taken quickly and with minimum disruption, no more uploading and analysing spreadsheets anymore

Key Features

Real Time alerts

Easily set red flags for non-attending students so early inventions can take place to encourage better attendance and retention

Meets UKVI - Tier 4

Ensure you meet the requirements of UK immigration laws relating to overseas students

Record via multiple methods

Attendance can be captured via a variety of methods including; online registration, bar code scanning, mobile phone, QR codes or iBeacons

Powerful dashboards

With one central management dashboard, it is easy to get a quick and clear overview of your students attendance and engagement levels