We stock a full range of ID cards from MiFARE to HiTAG and everything in between.

The world of ID cards can be confusing and making sure you have the right card technology for what you need is vital. Here at AIT we've been in the ID card business for over twenty years so we feel we're pretty expert when it comes to cards.

Below we've outline some of the different card types that are commonly used whether for your students' ID card or as an access control pass.

ID Card Options


HID Proximity cards are becoming more commonplace as a highly secure card option, however they are more expensive than other card types such as MiFare. HID Prox cards are ideal for access control, public transport and as an employee ID solution


HiTag cards are a commonly used proximity card using the RFID technology developed by NXP HiTag cards are popular due to their robustness and high capabilities. These cards are extremely secure and with their large memory capacity can be used for multiple purposes.


All HID Indala 125kHz proximity cards feature FlezSecure technology, this provides an added level of security through a protocol verification process when the card is presented to the reader


LEGIC technology can handle the authorisation of 127 separate applications with one single identification credential in place. The variety of applications range from access control, time and attendance, parking, cashless catering, IT-access and e-ticketing

Mag Stripe

Mag Stripe cards essentially consists of a row of magnets encoding of these cards is the process of setting the polarities of the magnets on the card itself. Mag Stripe is now considered a old technology and fails to offer the security levels of newer RFID options

MiFare including DesFire

MiFare including DesFire options are highly secure memory storage devices and are ideal for storing personal information that can used for access control, a corporate ID, public transportation or cashless catering