Sharing ID card data between systems using xprSIP.

xprSIP – Systems Integration Platform – is a scalable SQL Server DB providing a centralised processing, staging area and repository for all automation processing rules, configuration & auditing.

xprSIP SchematicNew processes and configuration changes can be developed and tested offline by AIT, imported into the live site environment and then deployed. Bi-directional data transfer is available between xprSIP and all connected systems.

Using the xprSIP web-browser user interface allows you to manage the integration between various systems and provides a view of data being passed between them.  As new applications are introduced this tool enables future development and integration with the existing solution to ensure you can keep full control.

Key Benefits

Save time & money by eliminating manual data entry tasks

Modular – Add modules to integrate with new software packages

Customized to fit the organisation

Scalable and Flexible to suit business needs

Key Features

Web browser based user-interface

Operator & group level security

Entire solution stored in SQL Server DB

Audit trail, logging and archiving

Encrypted passwords for integrated systems

Seamless automation of data transfer between disparate systems