Add value to a Pcounter user's account via our advanced pay for print systems.

Elegant, automated self-service charging systems enable efficient cost-recovery and low cost of ownership. Organisations can choose to use either a web based print payment solution with no software or hardware required, or if you prefer we can supply cash value loaders, where Pcounter users can top up their Pcounter accounts via cash or card payment methods.

Cash Value Loaders

With this form of print cost recovery system users login via a touchscreen or ID card and deposit cash which is added to their Pcounter account in real time - options include coins, notes, chip & PIN, receipt printers, DDA compliant features and multiple ID card support.


A fully hosted print cost recovery solution with no hardware or software required - Pcounter Web Pay or XPR ePay  provides a customised secure credit/debit card payment facility for end users or for parental use in educational environments, available from any internet connected PC.

Value-encoded cards

A simple, cost-effective method to implement payment for printing and/or copying is to use value-encoded pre-paid cards which users/customers purchase in advance. The card is inserted into a reader for print jobs to be released or for the photocopier to be activated. The value is then deducted from the card based on how many pages/copies are produced. Cards can be sold over the counter or from automatic dispensers.


Students and parents can add funds to their Pcounter account via ParentPay, funds are transferred seamlessly from ParentPay into the students Pcounter print account within thirty minutes of payment. No ongoing adminstration is required by IT managers and those organisations already using ParentPay can extend the use of their investment.

Key Benefits

24/7 service

Increase your service and quality offering. Charging systems give users 24/7 access and availability to their Pcounter accounts

Robust systems

Our systems both hardware and web based are robust and made to last. Both are highly secure systems with complete protection for your users

Instantaneous credit

With both systems all users have the ability to instantly access and top up their Pcounter accounts, payments are creditted instantly so increased convenience is assured

Reduced costs

With our charging systems in place you will see a reduction in costs, there will be less need for direct cash handling and less onus on IT support teams

What's Next?