The MCD2 product range offers the most advanced recyclable card solution currently available for the pre-payment of secure print or copy output.

MCD2 PRS is the pre-payment terminal of choice for secure network printing. It allows different tariffs to be set for different output formats. It is designed to work with the award-winning print & copy management software, Pcounter.

The MCD2 has been developed for easy pre-payment of photocopier output. This allows two different tariff levels and operates with any make or model of photocopier on the market. The MCD2 is standalone and doesn’t require any complex software or network infrastructure.

Key Benefits

Simple to use

No experience needed to manage or maintain the MCD2 machines, making them a simple and easy to use solution


Using the MCD2 machine ensures your print output remains safe and secure, and never gets in the hands of the wrong person

Reduce print waste

MCD2 machines reduce print waste effectively as they only allow verified print jobs to be released

Ensure environmental compliance

With the MCD2 machine in place you will be helping in reducing environmental impact by cutting print waste, reducing paper usage and minimising electricity usage

Key Features

User release

At point of printing, the user releases print documents on demand & securely

Advanced security features

Uses durable and recyclable cards with encoded, secure magnetic strip on reverse

Complete audit trail

Audit trail is available for allocation of funds to budget holders or cost centres

Advanced display

Easy-to-read display of remaining value on card making it easy for users to know what print credit is available