Accounting for photocopier and scanned output has never been easier.

Reliability, accuracy, accountability and security for all your photocopying with the added flexibility of pull printing. Accounting and control of walk-up copying is provided using control terminals or embedded device software with all copy transactions recorded centrally on the network.

  • Centralised control, accounting & charge-back
  • ID card, biometric and PIN authentication options
  • Secure print release with pull-printing options

Photocopier accounting software (off the glass) - using external terminals

To provide real-time direct integration with Pcounter, network-connected copier control devices are installed at each copier or MFD – users login by using the touch screen, ID card or biometric fingerprint reader.

The user can then use the photocopier or MFD, with limits/quotas optionally enforced, and can be asked to enter charge-codes or client codes - all details of the copy transaction are logged centrally with all the relevant print data.

Photocopier accounting software (off the glass) – using embedded software

With the new generation of multi-functional devices from certain manufacturers functionality is embedded in the device to enable real-time direct integration with Pcounter without the need for external hardware by using the touch screen of the multi-functional device (ID card readers for authentication still need to be connected if required).

Scan to Me and Scan to Folder functionality is available with certain embedded solutions.

Embedded software modules which are currently available click here

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Pcounter Copier Integration

Key Benefits

Secure system

TouchPad Terminals and Embedded Software offer flexibility, and easily configurable authentication systems that ensure access to print output remains secure

One simple solution

Centralised, integrated accounting and reporting is ensured with Embedded Software and TouchPad terminals in place. Monitor and report on all print output

Vendor independent

All printers, copiers and multifunction models are supported when integrated with our TouchPad terminals and embedded software. This ensures seamless integration with existing and future hardware

Simple to use

Both TouchPad Terminals and Embedded Software is simple to use for all involved. Simplicity and security is ensured with both methods