Enable rules and restrictions in Pcounter and reduce inappropriate and wasteful printing habits.

Print control software can help enforce a sensible, workable print policy to effect dramatic reductions of paper, toner and device usage. Print control software (Pcounter) is a server based solution that can monitor print output on any platform (PC, Mac, Novell) on printers from all the foremost device manufacturers.

Print control software can enable sophisticated management of printed output, allowing automatic blocking, re-routing or re-scheduling of print jobs based on the following criteria which you define:

  • Number of pages or copies
  • Type of document - e.g. Internet page, Excel, PDF, PowerPoint etc.
  • Size - bytes or paper size
  • Cost
  • Colour or mono
  • Duplicates (repeated clicking of the print icon)
  • Printer down status

From Pcounter version 2.85 compound rules are available, allowing even more poweful rules based printing options including the ability to trigger rules by AD group membership rather than just by printer.

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AIT Pcounter Rules