Enable biometric integration with Pcounter.

Pcounter biometric secure print release enables biometric integration with Pcounter for secure print release and pull printing capability with any network printing device.

Print jobs are paused and held on the network print queue, requiring users to authenticate themselves using their fingerprint to release or discard their queued print jobs whilst at the printer.

How biometric print release works

Biometric printing technology offers a unique and secure method of identification, using algorithms; the fingerprint image is converted to a complex number string, removing the need to store any images so providing security and peace of mind for users.

The biometric approach is more convenient for users with no need for ID cards or logging in with full network IDs and passwords. The held data cannot be used to recreate a fingerprint or be used in any forensic way.

It is also simpler for the organisation as Pcounter integrates with the leading biometric database providers delivering centralised identification and interoperability with other systems and applications in use.

Biometric authentication is supported on all major manufacturers devices including integration using Pcounter embedded software clients and the external Pcounter TouchPad terminal.

Key Benefits

Increased confidentiality

Guarantee secure access to print and copy devices and maintain confidentiality of your printed output

Increased productivity

With biometrics in place you have a single identity management solution that will increase productivity and convenience

Promote flexible working

Users can print an item which gets stored in a remote print queue, when the user wants to release that job you can use any networked print device to release that document

Simple integration

A biometric system is simple and quick to deploy. It is also simple to manage for both admins and users. It also works with all print devices so integration is painless

Key Features

Highly compatible

Biometric release is compatible with all network printers and multi function devices

Fingerprint image removal

Increased security is ensured with a biometric solution, and to maintain security all fingerprint images are removed from the system

Single data store

To keep things simple our biometric solution have a single data store in place, which ensures users only enrol once on to the system

Flexible implementation

Our biometric system is a flexible solution, it can simply and quickly integrate into all network print environments