Get safe & secure pull printing for your organisation.

With secure pull printing technology you will ensure printed output is securely queued until the valid user releases their print job via your preferred authentication method.

It is a great print management solution that allows your users to securely print from any networked device by enabling them to securely release, or “pull” their print jobs from a global print queue to any networked print device.

How Does It Work?

Using secure pull printing technology via Pcounter provides a variety of options to ensure secure and confidential output for the convenience of the user. Print jobs can be held in the queue until the user is ready to release/pull it from the print queue. The pull printing release can be actioned using external copier terminals, embedded device software, PC applications, ID cards or Biometric fingerprint readers.

These options assure the confidentiality and privacy of print output, which is ideal for GDPR compliance, as well as offering the opportunity to cancel print jobs that are no longer required. Secure pull printing is an innovative and convenient software enhancement that ensures confidentiality is maintained when using remote print devices.

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AIT Pcounter Secure Pull Printing

Key Benefits

Improve workflow

Users can specify when and where to print avoiding queues and time wasted waiting on print jobs, meaning time is spent more efficiently on things that matter more

Reduce local printers

Local printers can be costly and inefficient, with pull printing you can release print jobs when convenient, whilst maintaining the confidentiality of your print jobs

Reduce print waste

Organisations will see a reduction in print waste when pull printing is implemented. Users are more careful when printing which reduces paper waste and print consumables

Improved print security

Print jobs are held in print queues and confidential output is protected until released by the user via a secure print release method such as ID card, biometrics or pin code