Cut costs and print the smarter way

As education budgets dwindle year by year and with ever increasing environmental concerns, it is now more important than ever that schools, colleges and universities take into account the growing costs that come with printer and copier usage from ink, paper, toner and maintenance. No longer can education institutions afford careless, wasteful and unnecessary printing.

Our print management software is committed to reducing waste for education, through allowing administrators to assign rules to control what students and staff are printing and what they are printing to. Student costs are usually controlled using quotas, which can be assigned to each individual user, meaning print waste is kept to a minimum whilst users are being educated about the cost of printing. Controlling staff printing is often an area not yet addressed, but where the costs savings can be more significant since the volume of printing is higher. Pcounter ensures that all output is controlled and accounted for under user and department making it easy to enforce policies such as defaulting to black and white and single side.

User turnover is high in education; therefore print management makes it easier and cost effective for you by only charging per print server and not by the number of users you may have. You will never have to pay for extra users when using our print management solution nor will you need to pay to add functionality such as using client codes. Solution costs are fixed giving you better budget control.

Key Benefits of Print Management

Print Management for education
Our print management software is used in a number of institutions in the educational sector. From schools, colleges, universities to libraries. Start educating your students on the costs of printing and make savings of up to 50%.
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