Print securely to protect document confidentiality

Public sector organisations face many challenges in their industry; privacy and confidentiality when printing and user accountability to ensure print volumes are managed and charged back accordingly. Print management software allows organisations to take control of unmanaged print volumes and significantly reduce costs without preventing what users need to print.

Eradicate print waste through enforcing accountability and making sure responsible printing takes place. Waste reduction is achieved through features such as tracking and logging print jobs by user, deleting duplicate print jobs and routing jobs to lower cost devices; thereby also contributing greatly to any corporate environmental KPIs.

Print management software has the ability to account for guest users, departmental charge backs and enforces a high standard of privacy and security through pull printing. With pull printing technology you can ensure printed output is securely queued until the valid user releases their print job  whilst at the device via secure print release – putting private and confidential information at a much lower risk of getting in to the wrong hands and helping towards achieving data compliance.

With organisation spending a significant amount of their annual budget (between 3 and 5%) on printing, ensure you use our print management solution to totally eradicate print waste, save on print costs and build a more productive work force like thousands of other customers worldwide.

Key benefits print management.

Print Management For Public Sector
Our print management software is used in a number of central government institutions, local authorities, NHS trusts and blue light services. Ensure paper waste is reduced whilst confidentiality and data protection are at the forefront of thinking.
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