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Print and copy management software provides financial institutions with an easy audit trail of who printed what, where and when; helping to meet financial regulations, secure none public information and optimise the print environment to track, measure and allocate every print job throughout the company.

Mobile printing provides the ability for all users to securely connect and use printing services from their own laptops, tablets or mobiles without any drivers or software being installed. The jobs are still accurately accounted for in the solution; perfect for those with smart devices or working remotely - print from the laptop at home and pick it up at the office through secure print release.

Secure print release (pull printing) allows you to pull your paused print job to any printer in any location. Whether you are in Berlin and wish to travel to the office in London, you can send your print to the London office, present your ID card upon arrival and release your print job. This eliminates the need for the workforce to carry confidential documents or a large amount of paper over a long journey – convenient and easy.

With businesses spending a significant amount of their annual revenue/budget (between 3 and 5%) on printing, ensure you use Pcounter to totally eradicate print waste, save money and build a more productive work force like thousands of customer worldwide to control print costs.

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Print Management For Finance And Corporate
Our print management solution is used widely in various financial & corporate institutions, ranging from PLCs, SMEs and LLPs. Never before has it been so important to control paper waste and also meet financial regulations.
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