End Of Life (EOL) Process

AIT recognises the sensitivity and importance of Service and Support and our product discontinuation process includes a variety of Support Agreement options to match customers specific support requirements. Moreover, AIT will honour its contractual obligation associated to active SLA agreements irrespective of the published EOL schedule. This process consists of 4 phases:

End of General Availability (EGA)
End of Life (EOL)
Support Last Time Buy (S-LTB)
End of Service (EOS)

End of General Availability

EGA means the End of General Availability of the product. In plain terms, it means that customers are given notice of the EOL date and are guided to purchase spares or units required for any purpose through a last time buy window. The product will remain available for purchase to existing or new customers until the EOL date. Customers are encouraged to engage with their AIT solutions consultant to discuss product and solution migration options as well as support agreement options. After the EGA date is announced, AIT  will stop implementing new features on the product. Bug reports will be reviewed and, if required, fixed until the EOL or EOS date depending on their severity. Quality assurance testing and product management testing will continue until the EOL date. Notice of the EOL, EOS and S-LTB dates are given at the EGA notification.

End of Life

EOL means that the product is removed from the price list and is no longer available for purchase. Spare parts for hardware products will be available for a limited time. The default EOL date is 6 months after the EGA. The EGA-EOL transition period may be shortened or increased as circumstances require. Support agreements covering the affected product will remain fully supported until the EOS date.

Support Contracts Last Time Buy

S-LTB date is the last time the customer can purchase a Support Level Agreement(“SLA”) contract or renew an existing SLA contract for the applicable products subjected to an EOL schedule. During the EGA-EOS transition period customers with active SLA contracts will continue to receive support under the terms of the applicable agreement. S-LTB is announced together with EGA notification. After S-LTB, AIT may opt not to renew existing SLA contracts for the applicable products subject to an EOL schedule. In certain cases, AIT may offer a custom EOS SLA contract allowing the customer to prolong support beyond the default EOS date. AIT will honour its contractual obligations that may be different from general, publicly announced EOL/EOS plans. EOL/EOS terms agreed as part of the active agreement will supersede AIT general publicly announced EOL/EOS plans. In addition with certain products there may be a continuation of services offered but on a time and materials only basis (T & M).

End of Service

EOS means that all support for the product stops and users continue to operate these devices at their own risk. AIT will honour its contractual obligations associated with active SLAs contracts. EOS terms agreed as part of the active agreements will supersede AIT's general publicly announced EOS schedule. The default EOS date is 2 years after the EOL date. The EOL-EOS transition period may be shortened as circumstances require.